Automated X-ray Inspection System


The TI-X700i X-ray inspection equipment can be used to control the quality of bonding conditions in flip-chip mounting, which is essential for high-density mounting of semiconductor packages, and to improve manufacturing processes.


In order to meet the needs for inline automatic inspection required to automate inspection processes and save labor, the TI-X700i is equipped with the latest technologies such as high-precision motion control and high-speed image processing technology.
The TI-X700i enables automatic inspection of all semiconductor package substrates.

■High speed imaging

Parallel table type is adopted for imaging mechanism. By using high-precision linear guides to enhance XY-axis positional accuracy and using our proprietary motor control technology, sub-micron accuracy is achieved. In addition, the rotation trajectory is perfectly circular, and the field of view can be used effectively without vignetting at the edges of CT images, enabling high-speed inspection. 

■Automatic detection of defects

Confirmed that C4 bump void can be detected by automatic inspection .
Shooting conditions : Resolution 1μm 48projections Exposure time 50ms Imaging time 10s

■Easy operation

Operations with the joystick are input directly to the PLC without the need for a PC, ensuring timely operation without delay.
This is convenient when performing the inspection manually.

■Maintenance-free X-ray tube

A transmissive sealed X-ray tube is used for the X-ray generating tube.
It achieves high output, which is intrinsic to sealed type X-ray tubes, as well as the resolution, high magnification, and wide radiation angle equivalent to those of open type X-ray tubes.
There is no need for regular maintenance such as replacing the cathode, which is a consumable item, and there is no need for complicated adjustments of the device or training for workers, thus reducing maintenance costs.


Inspectable board sizeWork size:X:350 x Y:350mm
Work thickness:Max. 6mm, Work weight:Max. 2.5kg
Board top/bottom clearanceTop : 7mm, Bottom : 0mm
Inspection item2D: Component inspection and solder bump inspection using transmission image
3D: Solder bump inspection using transmission image planting-lled TH inspection using CT image
X-ray sourceSealed transmissive microfocus tube
Tube voltage : 40-110kV
Tube current : 10-100μA
Focus spot size : 2μm
DetectorSensor Type : 6.9 mega pixel
Max. Oblique capturing angle55°
Geometric magnicationVertical capturing : Max. x71 / Oblique angle capturing : Max. x71
Image resolutionVertical capturing : Max. 0.7μm
Oblique angle capturing : Max. 0.7μm
Image resolutionVertical: Max. 0.33µm
Oblique capturing angle 60°: Max.0.67µm
Vertical: Max. 0.75µm
Oblique capturing angle 60°: Max.1.5µm
Power voltageThree-phase AC200-240V / 7kVA / 50/60Hz
X-ray leakage dose0.5μSv/h or less
FootprintW1,630 x D2,240 x H1,600mm

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